Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Breakup Poems For Boyfriend

17) I can still feel the feeling

When I first met you

I can still imagine kissing

Your lips as soft as dew

I can still remember

How it felt to see

A smile crossing your face

Every time you saw me

But everything came

To a crashing halt, so sudden

For me our relationship was a blessing

It is a pity that for you, it was a burden

happy Birthday Wishes For Friends

18) Just like a liver

Hurts with too much alcohol

The heart hurts

With pain, big or small

You made everything painful

Between you and me

As you took a swig

Of your nasty infidelity

19) Let’s not focus

Only on the pain

Let’s also focus

On the things we can gain

And cherish our

Love-hate bond

Until now which was been

Quite strong

If not lovers

Friends we shall be

And undertake

Life’s new journey

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband

20) If you reflect

And think about it

There was no real reason

For us to split

If only you had showed

A little bit of understanding

We would still be

Hugging and kissing

But you had to be

The rogue that you are

That is why we broke up

And now we are far

Good Morning Quotes For Friends

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